Heartburn or GERD can Kill

Heartburn is a common annoyance. The busy lifestyle, quick meals, fatty or spicy foods all contribute to the occasional need of a chewable pain reliever. The acceptance of heartburn as an inconvenient, but natural, part of the daily grind can blind you to the warning that a severe heartburn symptom can bring.

Heartburn as a Disorder

Heartburn can be a symptom as well as a disorder. Simple heartburn or GERD can be controlled and dealt with. However, heartburn can signal the presence of a much more serious problem. If it’s heartburn, you will have a burning sensation in the chest usually after eating. There may be a spread of the burning to the throat, sometimes accompanied by a bad taste, difficulty in swallowing, belching, coughing, hoarseness and/or wheezing.

It can become worse by lying down or bending over or by eating. Relief can come from an antacid. While the more severe heartburn symptoms may be mistaken for a heart attack, simple heartburn is usually not made worse by exercise. If there is any concern that the pain may signal a heart attack, get help quickly.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Taking a Gun Away from a Thug the Right Way!

By Al Case

I was teaching a karate class some years ago, and I had a student whose father would go to the bar next door and imbibe while his son was getting strong and healthy. One day, after class, the father staggers in, and he actually has a gun, and he points it at me and tells me that that karate crap won't do me any good if a guy has a gun. So I took the gun away from him and grinned.

It is possible to take a gun away from somebody, even if they are aiming it directly at you. I'm going to tell you how I took that fellow's gun away from him.. That said, I don't recommend risking your face against volatile discharge, and I do recommend giving your money to a fellow holding a gun on you, even considering what I am about to tell you in this article.

The first and most important thing you must consider, when somebody points a gun at you, is which way his communication is going. Typically, a fellow steps steps out of a dark alley, is pointing a gun at you, and he says he will shoot. The intention of his communication is towards you.

Moving slowly so that he sees your total compliance, you put up your hands, and place them in a position that is best for what you are about to do. You should engage in a lot of intensive practice to know what position is best. It is crucially important, in this situation, that you relax your muscles utterly and entirely and make your mind icy calm.

Now, what you are waiting for is for the fellow to demand you give him your money. At this point the intent of the communication is away from you, and it is towards him. At this point he expects you to move towards him, an therefore he is not intending to shoot.

The trick behind this exercise, as I said, is to have totally relaxed muscles and an utterly calm mind. Shift your head away from the direction the gun will move in when you hit his wrist and off the line of attack. Using both hands you grab the gun as you slap the inside of his wrist.

Slapping the inside of his wrist will mess up his muscles, and there may be a discharge of the weapon, but the gun should have angled so it will miss you. With practice, and specifically practice of the technique and of the ability to be relaxed in one position in space, and then assume another position in space, you can actually refine your technique and try different methods of controlling the gun.

Having said all the above, let me say that the technique won't work if the fellow is too far away, if he is not interested in getting your money, but rather kidnapping you for purposes of domination, or if you just read this article and never practiced it...a few thousand times, I also want to say that the reason I wrote this article is for purposes of enlightenment in dire situation, for training purposes, not to give you the idea that risking your life is more important than money. And, I want to let you know that when the fellow is caught and goes to trial, it is going to be a lot of fun to go point a little laughter in his face.

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Tips When Considering A Life Insurance Policy

By Susan Reynolds

Anyone who has dependants should have proper life insurance coverage Life insurance should be your number one priority. What happens to your family if something happens to you? The harsh reality is that you never know what could happen Nobody should be without life cover.

All of us should have life insurance. It is not fair to the ones we leave behind that depend on us if we do not plan for the future.

A lump sum life cover policy is pretty straight forward. The tricky part is finding the plan option and coverage amount that is right for you. You can ask your agent for information about each plan type and get helpful advice on selecting the right policy for you and your needs.

There are some things you should know prior to applying for life coverage. Determine how much life coverage you really need, be careful not to take out too small of an amount. Do not forget to factor the home loan and other bills. Life insurance calculators can be located on the internet to help with deciding the amount of cover you need. Being under insured is a common mistake. You want to ensure you are not over insured as well.

You will have to figure out how long you will want the insurance coverage in place. A trust will ensure that all loved ones receive their benefits.

After your death the trust will ensure all money are paid out correctly. The inheritance tax liability will increase when the cover becomes part of your estate, a trust stops this from happening. A simple trust form should be included with your policy information.

You should always look at other policy prices. Insurance policies are more expensive if you are a greater risk. The healthier and the younger you are will always fetch you a better rate on your policy package. Buy your policy now and you will save a ton of money in the long run.

The most popular cover is the Level Term Assurance (LTA) where the sum of your insured amount remains the same for the duration of the term. If you only require cover for payment of a home loan or other decreasing debt you could check out Decreasing Term Assurance (DTA) for a much better rate.

If you have any life changes happen you will need to review your cover and ensure you have enough coverage. The arrival of a new child, moving to a new town or occupational changes could affect your policy needs. Many forget that their cover may need altered to keep up with their life. When you feel it makes sense you should change your cover.

If you have had a life cover policy for some time you might want to shop around, it is possible to switch to a lower cost one. Be sure that you are not losing any valuable benefits before cancelling a policy. You have to keep in mind that if your health has gotten worse or any huge life changes have occurred you will be paying a more costly rate for a new policy.

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Fake Acai Diet Products

By Dana Hawkes

Acai diet products are the central part of the acai diet. These products help you to actually get the acai berry. This is the part of the acai that has all of the healthy benefits. There are various products out there that are trying to cash in on the acai diet name. They claim to have the acai that you need to have a good amount of acai. Unfortunately, they are lying. Some may even be telling you that they are lying, and you will fail to pick up on it. Be sure to check for the following situations when looking for acai diet products.

"100% Acai Fruit"

Some products will claim that they feature "100% acai fruit". This sounds good, right? The 100% makes you feel as if you are getting nothing but pure healthy goodness from the acai.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The acai fruit as a whole is not all healthy. 90% of the acai fruit actually features no main value whatsoever. All of the useful omega fatty acids and antioxidants are found in the other 10%, that being the acai berry.

"Pulp Included!"

"Pulp Included" is also a way that many companies attempt to fit the entire acai fruit into the drink. If you are purchasing a drink or supplement that claims to have nothing but acai fruit, look elsewhere. Chances are, the company is only giving you part of what you need.

The Fine Print

Many acai fruit juices will feature other juices. These other juices are used as a sweetening agent. Make sure that you read the exact print of the juice. If the company is adding sweetener, you may want to look for other juices. Also be sure to understand how much acai is in each serving. If acai juice is not at the top of the ingredient list, you are not getting as much acai as you think you are.

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Liver Detox For Better Health

By Kym Butterworth

You want to know tested methods for liver detoxification? This article provides you simple steps you can easily implement for liver detoxification.

The liver is a vital organ in the body performing too many functions including, control of blood glucose and amino acids as well as detoxification of the body system. Anti nutritional factors in foods and overdose of drugs and alcohols are rendered harmless by the liver. However, higher concentrations of toxic materials in food can affect the normal function of the liver. The liver contains rows of filters that enable it to carry out its detoxification function. The filter is primarily designed to remove chemicals, microorganisms and waste products in the blood. These in turn are removed through urine and stool. The liver filter needs to remain clean and healthy to perform its functions effectively.

Harmful toxic substances in the liver can lead to diseases of the liver. Such liver diseases include, hepatitis, gallstones and jaundice. Symptoms of diseases of the liver are nausea, fatigue, vomiting, and loss of appetite, yellowing of skin and conjunctiva and itching. A highly recommended method, for liver detoxification is to follow a daily healthy diet plan.

Like many other medical conditions, the first step is proper diagnosis. Here, the particular pathway of detoxification is identified. There are two basic pathways of detoxification, phase1 and phase2.

The second step is to go for liver detox diets. Foods that can activate the phase 1 detoxification pathway are protein foods like fish and egg, fresh fruits and vegetables such as oranges, tangerines, cabbage and broccoli. Fresh fruits and vegetables including, avocado, tangerines, broccoli, asparagus, walnuts and oranges as well as fish oils activate the phase 2 pathways. Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C and the amino acid glutathione, both of which are important anti oxidants. These anti oxidants remove free radicals from the body. Most of these fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended in liver detox diets due to their anti oxidant effect. Beta- carotene and vitamin E are other examples of anti oxidant vitamins.

In addition to the anti oxidant vitamins, calcium and vitamin B are other nutrients, which are also very useful in the elimination of toxic chemical substances from the body system.

Drink clean water. In the detoxification process, water is needed to flush the wastes from the body system. To avoid introducing more bacteria and harmful chemical substances to the body, bottled water is recommended. Drinking enough clean water provides the fluid needed for proper detoxification.

Use herbs. Many plants contain medicinal substances, which are effective in the detoxification of the liver. One of them is milk thistle. Milk thistle extracts hold chemical substances named as flavonoids. Flavonoids are effective for liver detoxification and protect the liver from damage. Milk of thistle functions by prevention of the depletion of glutathione and increasing the level of glutathione in the body. Glutathione has been used for treatment of some liver diseases like liver cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Avoid foods, which are not liver friendly. Certain foods are harmful to the liver. It is of no use going through the detoxification process if you cannot stop those habits that are harmful to your liver. Make effort to avoid artificial flavors. Saturated animal fats and alcohols should also be avoided. It is more advisable to take organically produced foods.

In conclusion, a liver detox involves a daily pattern of diet, herbal remedies and a lifestyle adjustment that helps the liver to function effectively.

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Detox Diets More Harm Than Good

By Amanda Ligi

Detox diets are becoming very popular these days. Everyone is looking for the quick fix. Detox diets are suppose to be a quick fix. Beyonce had just come out publicly saying that she lost twenty pounds for the movie Dreamgirls by using Master Cleanse a detox diet. But detox diets are not the healthiest diet, some expert even say it does nothing more then cause damage to the body.

Detox diets are used to cleanse toxic chemicals from one's body. Some detox regiments include the use of special drinks, or pills and liquids only. Once the body is cleansed is the dieter allowed to bring food back into their diet. Detox diets are intended to reduce the toxin levels within the colon and liver. The diets claim to improve your energy or your immunity. It is suppose to reduce the toxin levels in the colon and liver.

A public heath expert Roger Clemens says "the lungs, kidney, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and immune system are effective in removing our neutralizing toxic substances on their own." If they body can do it all on it own, then is this detox just a bad fad?

Short term it will help you lose a few pounds and maybe think you feel better, but the long term effects are what are harmful. "Long-term fasts lead to muscle breakdown and a shortage of many needed nutrients," says Lona Sandon, a Dallas dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. As the weight comes off people decide to go from short term to long and that is when most of the damage occurs. The body goes from being cleansed into starvation mode due to the low calorie regiment. The body starts to lose muscle mass and nutrients the body needs to work properly. Also a low calorie diet will lower your metabolic rate which helps speed up weight loss. "Never go below 1,200 calories a day-doing so can slow your metabolism down for years to come" says Pamela Peeke, M.D., and author of Body for Life for Women.

Some of the detox diets require you to take laxatives, or laxatives are found in the powders or drinks. Taking laxatives on a regular bases is extremely dangerous. Laxative use can cause dehydration, colon damage, chronic diarrhea, or impaired bowel movement where one can only go to the bathroom with the use of laxatives.

Overall detox diets are a way to hurt your body more then help. Getting a quick fix is never the way to go. Controlling portions and exercising is the only true way to get the pounds off. Taking the easy road by doing a detox will hurt you in the long run. A happy healthy life is what everyone should want, not a life full of health problems. So do lose the weight in a healthy way, not with the fad detox diet.

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