Heartburn or GERD can Kill

Heartburn is a common annoyance. The busy lifestyle, quick meals, fatty or spicy foods all contribute to the occasional need of a chewable pain reliever. The acceptance of heartburn as an inconvenient, but natural, part of the daily grind can blind you to the warning that a severe heartburn symptom can bring.

Heartburn as a Disorder

Heartburn can be a symptom as well as a disorder. Simple heartburn or GERD can be controlled and dealt with. However, heartburn can signal the presence of a much more serious problem. If it’s heartburn, you will have a burning sensation in the chest usually after eating. There may be a spread of the burning to the throat, sometimes accompanied by a bad taste, difficulty in swallowing, belching, coughing, hoarseness and/or wheezing.

It can become worse by lying down or bending over or by eating. Relief can come from an antacid. While the more severe heartburn symptoms may be mistaken for a heart attack, simple heartburn is usually not made worse by exercise. If there is any concern that the pain may signal a heart attack, get help quickly.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Reasons To Start Pole Dancing

By Nancy Emerson

Discover a new dance craze that has women, from housewives to business women, hitting the dance floor. Pole dancing is one of the fastest growing dance styles in the world. There are five main reasons why pole dancing has become so popular.

Pole dancing is a great outlet for energy. One of the biggest problems in the western world is stress and tension associated with the fast pace of life. When day-to-day life is overwhelmed with tension, pressure, and stress pole dancing provides an outlet to dance your way to relaxation. You can let your cares go and allow energy to flow through your body. Pole dancing will become your favorite form of relaxation.

Pole dancing provides intense exercise. In your quest for health and fitness you will find pole dancing the perfect means to reaching fitness. It will also ease your way into fitness. You will not lack motivation to exercise when your primary workout is pole dancing. Perseverance in exercise is the key to success. You have to enjoy what you are doing. Pole dancing will be pleasurable and enjoyable. You will have fun, while feeling sexy and feminine. It is a total body workout and you will not even notice how time flies.

Are you looking for a way to burn calories? Rid yourself of fat easily and quickly while pole dancing. Weight loss no longer has to be agonizing. It's no wonder, with all the health and fitness benefits that pole dancing has become one of the most popular ways to lose weight and tone your body.

Coordination development. Not only are you gaining physical and mental exercise, you will improve your coordination. As you keep pace, practice making clean movements, and keep your posture correct you will find that you become more and more coordinated. Pole dancing requires you to listen to music while integrating rhythmic dance movements in the space associated with the pole. All of these exercises combine to develop your coordination on the pole and every day.

Pole dancing is a fun, energetic way to exercise. As you are energized by the music and exercise you will have a good time and feel better about yourself. You may even find yourself intoxicated by the music and movement of pole dancing.

Every pole dancer interprets the dance and music from their own feelings. Each dancer's perspective and rhythm affects the dance. It is a unique and individual experience. The one thing everyone agrees on is that pole dancing is fun and anyone can do it.

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Which Is the Better-Value Treadmill: Sole F80 Or Smooth 6.45?

By Travis Van Slooten

In this Sole F80 vs Smooth 6.45 match up, we will actually find more similarities between these two than there are differences. These two treadmills are so alike in many aspects that anyone who has to decide between one and the other would have a hard time doing so.

Let's Get To The Specs

The treadmills have the relatively the same basic facilities: speeds of up to 11 miles per hour, up to 15% incline level and 3.0 HP motors with continuous duty facility.

The Smooth 6.45 is built slightly heavier, weighing 265 lbs than the Sole F80's 250 lbs, but the two machines are still guaranteed to be stable even with runners weighing up to 350 lbs using them. The Smooth 6.45 however, comes with a 20" by 60" running surface compared to the Sole F80's 20" by 55" area.

Console and User Programs

These two treadmills come with LED consoles that are useful for monitoring the user's pertinent data including, speed time, and distance traveled. They also have built-in programs, standard and customizable, which can go a long way in maximizing your workout sessions.

The Sole F80 is equipped With 6 standard programs, 2 heart rate programs, and 2 customizable user programs. The Smooth 6.45 comes in with 8 preset programs, and 3 programs for the user to set according to his preferences. Each of these treadmill exercise machines have hand pulse grips and heart rate monitoring system but the wireless chest strap monitor is exclusive to the Sole F80 model.

More Features

Want to jog in time to some of the latest hits? No problem. The Sole model comes with built-in speakers where you can plug-in your iPod or MP3 player and enjoy cool music while keeping in shape. The 6.45 does not have its own speaker system, but the Smooth 6.45M, a sister model that costs $100 more, does.

The Soles F80 also has the added facility of having the speed and incline controls on the armrest. This gives you the opportunity of making adjustments without breaking the continuity of the workout process.

Better Warranty And Price

Both of these top treadmill exercise models are higher priced than most. They range in MSRP from $1999 up to $2297. However, they can be found on sale for only $1499. The lifetime warranty on motor and frame, 5-year warranty on all electronic parts, and 2-year guarantee on labor is applicable for both treadmills, and this makes each a great investment in exercise equipment.

Choosing the Best between Sole F80 and Smooth 6.45

Whether you decide on the Sole F80 or the Smooth 6.45, you are guaranteed of a stable and proven treadmill that can withstand the rigors of daily use. As to which would be the better buy, I'd say the Smooth 6.45 is the top pick. The F80 has some slight advantages in a couple of additional features but the Smooth 6.45 has the larger running surface and is also one of the best-rated treadmills by Smooth Fitness.

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How To Start An Acai Berry Diet?

By Dana Hawkes

Starting an acai berry diet does not have to be a complex task. The diet itself is fairly simple, as long as you have clear goals and a clear plan of action. Following these tips and setting these parameters will help you to have a successful acai berry diet.

Figure Out your Method

You need to understand how you are going to get the acai berry in your diet. Most will find acai berry juice, following the juice with a cleansing juice of different vegetables. Others will turn towards the supplement form, attempting to get the acai berry through pills or dried powders that can be added to food and drink.

Figure Out you Meals

Part of the diet is the acai berry, but part of the diet is watching what you eat. Figure out how many meals you are going to eat. Figure out how much acai you are going to have per day. This will help you to ration out your acai berry ingredients, and will help you to lose weight.

Length of Diet

Setting a distance goal for the length of the diet is important. While some diets have a long distance goal, acai diets generally have a start date and an end date, simply because the acai can become expensive. Set a specific date goal.

Diet Goals

When starting any diet, it is important to set goals. Set goals for the amount of weight you would like to lose, the amount of body fat you would like to lose, or "length of diet" goals. Setting these goals give you a tangible goal to strive for, making it easy for you to start and maintain your acai berry diet.

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Baby Ear Thermometers - Quickest and Most Accurate Temperature Measurement

By Chloe Wells

All babies get ill for time to time and an increase in temperature is nothing unusual. It's the body's natural reaction to help fight off micro-organisms. However, occasionally the body can overreact which leads to dangerous rises in core body temperature which can be very serious. Monitoring your baby's temperature during illness is therefore very important.

Traditional methods (normally the rectal route) are still often used. However, many babies dislike this method and resist. Conventional thermometers are also slow to reach a steady temperature and settle on an accurate reading.

The baby ear thermometer represents a great development. Due to costs it was previously only used by health care professionals who needed a very quick and accurate reading. However, now costs have reduced so significantly they are now readily available to all for home use.

Baby ear thermometers work by quantifying levels of invisible radiation called infra-red. All warm objects give off infra-red radiation including our bodies and by measuring the amounts given off using electrical sensors it is possible to calculate the temperature of the source. And, unlike conventional thermometers the measurement and calculation is virtually instantaneous.

The ear represents one of the optimal sites for measuring body temperature. Inserting a small sensor into the ear causes minimal discomfort and stress. The ear is also not affected by fluctuations in local temperature (such as inside the mouth for instance where recent hot or cold drinks can have a big impact).

Generally speaking baby ear thermometers are very easy to use. You normally just place them in the ear canal, push a button and wait for a second or so for the result to appear on the display. Some of the very best also provide you with feedback while you are using them. For example they will tell you when the thermometer is in the correct place to give a reading and also tell you when an accurate reading has been obtained. Some even warm up the ear piece to avoid discomfort and increase the accuracy of the reading.

Baby ear thermometers are not solely for use on babies. They can in fact often be used in the whole family ranging all the way up to adults.

Although there are many options available to all parents baby ear thermometers represent one of the most practical and cost effective methods of monitoring your baby's body temperature during illness. They are extremely easy to use and the costs now make them an option for all families. They are a great investment which you will use again and again.

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The Only Low Fat Plan That Worked for Me (How I Quickly Lost 52lbs!)

By Carol Everett

Hi I'm Carol Everett and I was asked by my daughter Mindi to tell you about a great low fat diet plan that has been successful for both of us. This is one of the best low fat diet plans available. This plan actually makes sense and it easy to use. When I saw the result of Mindi using the plan I knew I had to try it myself to see if it would work for me. And work it did!

My daughter Mindi is busy, too busy in fact. She is the working mother of two and doesn't have time for game playing with meal plans to lose weight. Mindi had not lost the weight she gained while pregnant with my grandson and felt awful about herself when she was still wearing maternity clothing almost a year after giving birth.

Mindi often complained that others often thought she might be expecting another baby and she felt they were all looking at her. She needed something to change and change fast. Mindi tried so many diets and all of them failed her. She was about to give up trying until she found one program that worked so well!

Now Mindi not only looks fantastic, but her self esteem is healthy and she has so much more energy to keep up with her active kids. Mindi cannot tell enough people about her success. Mindi hopes that those of you who struggle with other diet plans will believe her when she tells you that there is a program that can help you succeed.

Mindi's constant struggle to lose weight and her success using a great program made me think about trying it myself. I had a few extra pounds that had been hanging over my head to take off for a while. I loved that this program is easy, not time consuming, and it was customized for my lifestyle and needs.

This plan is the only low fat diet plan that makes complete sense for a busy lifestyle! The low fat diet plan is easy to follow, easy to enjoy, and easy to see the results.

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