Heartburn or GERD can Kill

Heartburn is a common annoyance. The busy lifestyle, quick meals, fatty or spicy foods all contribute to the occasional need of a chewable pain reliever. The acceptance of heartburn as an inconvenient, but natural, part of the daily grind can blind you to the warning that a severe heartburn symptom can bring.

Heartburn as a Disorder

Heartburn can be a symptom as well as a disorder. Simple heartburn or GERD can be controlled and dealt with. However, heartburn can signal the presence of a much more serious problem. If it’s heartburn, you will have a burning sensation in the chest usually after eating. There may be a spread of the burning to the throat, sometimes accompanied by a bad taste, difficulty in swallowing, belching, coughing, hoarseness and/or wheezing.

It can become worse by lying down or bending over or by eating. Relief can come from an antacid. While the more severe heartburn symptoms may be mistaken for a heart attack, simple heartburn is usually not made worse by exercise. If there is any concern that the pain may signal a heart attack, get help quickly.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shoulder Pain-Heart Attack or Rotator Cuff Injury?

By Dr Jason Fowler

The great TV classic ER helps teach armchair physicians to become amateur diagnosticians. He's in shock! She's got kidney stones! Rule-out pheochromocytoma!

Sometimes a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

You've learned somewhere - on the network news, in the Science section of The New York Times, or in a CPR class at your job - that shoulder pain can mean you are having a heart attack. Now, seemingly out of the blue, your shoulder begins to ache and throb. Very concerned, you rush to the local emergency room.

The resident's first question, of course, is "where does it hurt"? You point to your right shoulder and blurt out, "Am I having a heart attack?" The resident smiles, gently reassuring. "A heart attack might give you pain in your left shoulder," she says. "Have you been to the gym lately? This might be a rotator cuff strain."

The resident knows that heart attack symptoms usually involve chest pain (in two-thirds of cases), and may include faintness, shortness of breath, sweating, and a feeling of impending doom. Chest pain may spread to the back, jaw, and arms. Left arm pain may radiate to the inside of the forearm and the ring and little fingers. So, shoulder pain by itself probably doesnt suggest a heart attack.

She orders an MRI which shows mild damage to the right rotator cuff. What is going on? What exactly is the rotator cuff?

The rotator cuff is a muscular sheath that surrounds the head of the arm bone (the humerus) and the entire shoulder joint (really, two joints - the acromioclavicular and glenohumeral joints). The four muscles that comprise the rotator cuff help raise the arm to the front and the side and help turn the shoulder inward or outward.

If you're a sports fan, you know that rotator cuff injuries affect baseball pitchers, tennis players, swimmers, and football players. Such injuries are due to repetitive motion, and can also result from falling on the shoulder or arm or lifting heavy weights.

Rotator cuff injuries may also be slowly developing and chronic, related to arthritic and degenerative changes in the rotator cuff tendon and the two shoulder joints. Low-grade pain may develop, and the pain may become aching, throbbing, and chronic. Raising the arm may cause pain, and there may be loss of mobility.

In the above-40 population, lack of exercise and chronically poor posture may contribute to rotator cuff problems. Sitting at a desk all day, with your neck jutting forward and slumped shoulders, places long-term mechanical stress on the rotator cuff.

Chiropractic treatment can be very useful in helping to rehabilitate chronic rotator cuff injuries. The chiropractic physician is expert in evaluating postural problems and associated spinal conditions. By providing effective treatment, postural corrections, and rehabilitative exercise, chiropractors offer a comprehensive therapeutic program to reduce pain, improve shoulder mobility, and regain function.

1Source: Cedars-Sinai www.cedars-sinai.edu 2Baring T, et al Management of rotator cuff disease. Best Pract Res Clin Rheumatol 21(2):279-294, 2007.

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Top Tips To Natural Healing At Home

By Sandra Clarke

Many of us will have been taught to hide or cure our physical symptoms on our own, or even to have surgery or medication to get rid of them. When we actually do this, we are telling our subconciousness that, as an individual, we aren't important, and we insist that we haven't the time to heal ourselves naturally. But, if we look at the first symptoms that we have had, then we can treat these as the first indication that something is untoward. We can treat ourselves with natural remedies and cure most of our health related issues. You will find that your body will tell you the truth and you will learn from your own emotions and challenges.

Looking in the mirror, I witnessed my own emotional pain as a "physical art form," and as this honest messenger transformed in front of my eyes, I healed from a devastating disease. By age 37 I felt successful in my new clothes, home and car. I was hired when companies needed help in solving complex business problems, and my normal workday averaged 12 to 14 hours.

Then one day it was all over. I was in a specialist's office being diagnosed with rosacea, an incurable, deforming, disfiguring facial skin disease. Treating myself like an infallible machine had caught up with me. The disease had no mercy as it continued to worsen for the next six years. I spent all my financial resources going from medical specialists to naturopathic practitioners, in my heart begging to understand how my immune system could heal and repair.

I believed in the body being in its own environment and chose not to take any form of medication. After I had spoken to over fifty doctors, I still found myself searching for the answers. I became determined in proving that there was something that could help me heal myself naturally, but after all this time I maybe doubted myself.

By age 42 my face was a bright, fire engine red, raw and inflamed, and I lanced boils daily. I loss a major part of my eyesight and was no longer able to read or drive. All my dreams of having a good life, leadership, and travel appeared to be over. I realized why people with so much internal pain ended their lives or took up addictions.

A few years later I went to visit a Chinese doctor who diagnosed me with something different from the other physicians. He believed the disease was not simply just my face, but included the natural biological rhythms of my body being out of harmony. He said this resulted in my face being directly affected due to emotional fear and stress. Also, he saw other signs that my body was exhausted when he examined me. He said that my body looked frail, and that I should find peace at whatever price. I was so glad that he had given me a different opinion.

After I had spoken with the doctor I looked at my emotional therapy. I first looked at the different fears that I had which affected me since I had been diagnosed, and I also went back further through my past. I looked at myself in the mirror and looked at what I had done to cause this disease - which had been caused by being a workaholic. And, when I looked back I see that I denied many different personal things in life. Also, had felt worthless and needed to push the addiction forward. I had the thought of staying busy but this resulted in my own exhaustion and consequently caused me to feel angry and resentful. Through the years I had served others which negatively impacted on my life and I failed to do anything until my friend stepped in.

After sharing my story for over a year, after crying and trying to release pent-up emotions and an addiction to work in the local community I came across a miracle. I healed physically without scars and the sight in my eyes returned to normal. I had been on a healthy diet and exercise regularly for years which helped my body in the transformation. It was a program that I had worked out for myself that helped my body heal naturally and I did not have to take medications.

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Smooth Dimples With A Cellulite Reduction Massage

By Lynne Bridges

Nobody likes cellulite. As summer approaches, though, the desire to shed those unsightly dimples just increases. So, if you want to get rid of your cellulite before you have to go out and hit the beach, you aren't alone. But where do you begin?

Well, you might be surprised to learn that massage therapy is one option. Aside from just being relaxing, a cellulite reduction massage can really help you to lose those ugly signs of cellulite.

How Cellulite Forms

Of course, it might sound strange that massage can reduce cellulite, if you don't understand what causes the cellulite in the first place. Cellulite gets its beginnings deep below your skin's surface, where there are connective tissues and fat cells.

As you age, those fat cells and connective tissues are influenced by toxins that build up in your body. Also, your circulation decreases. Those things combine to make your skin take on a dimpled appearance because the fat cells grow and the connective tissues shrink.

That's part of why cellulite reduction massage is so beneficial, as opposed to topical creams. Most topical creams and lotions only treat the skin's surface. The root of the problem is much deeper than that. Since cellulite massage is intended to reach deeper below the skin, it can be much more useful.

Why It Works

It's important for you to know that a cellulite massage isn't just any old massage. There's a specific method for it. It's designed to be, basically, a way to help your body flush toxins from its system better. By doing so, it also helps to soften up and remove fat cells that cause cellulite dimples on your skin. In order to do that, though, it has to be a deep tissue massage, not a simple rub down.

Essential oils are another thing to think about. Massage therapy can help you to get rid of cellulite dimples, yes. However, if you want to prevent those dimples from coming back, essential oils like lavender are the way to go. Using them on a regular basis can soften and revitalize your skin.

Of course, there are professional massage therapists everywhere. Many of them are capable of giving you a great cellulite removal massage. A lot of people opt for a more convenient solution, though. They use an at home cellulite massager, which is also great for eliminating pesky cellulite dimples.

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Hemorrhoid Removal When Suffering With Hemorrhoids

By Cecelia Rulenson

There are several types of hemorrhoid removal, and the correct type of hemorrhoid identified will determine which treatment for hemorrhoids will be used most effectively. Internal hemorrhoids are not seen and usually not felt. External hemorrhoids can be identified on the outside of the anus and usually do not need treatment. In most cases hemorrhoids are declared hereditary due to the lack of strength of veins that runs in the family.

In the traditional medicine world, the remedy for minor hemorrhoids is a high fiber diet and a prescription. One home remedy that is easier than feeling violated by the testing at the doctor is to use olive oil or canola oil. The trick is to insert the oil inside the anus to make bowel movements less painful. This technique will allow less straining and cause the hemorrhoids to shrink faster.

When you find yourself in pain stemming from hemorrhoids, stay away from medication that thins the blood. Taking these types of medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen will cause the size of the hemorrhoid to grow causing more pain and a more complex hemorrhoid removal process. The vital part to remedying hemorrhoids in the premature stages is to identify and cure immediately.

Scratching hemorrhoids is the worst thing to do. There are salves over the counter that are available just to relieve hemorrhoid issues. Scratching can cause hemorrhoids to rupture which can cause bleeding in the anus, or worse more hemorrhoids. Weak veins are the root cause of hemorrhoids along with straining. Scratching will cause hemorrhoids to spread, because it creates more weak spots in the veins.

Finally, there are many levels of treatment for hemorrhoid removal. The subject is very broad and the symptoms concerning the degree of how bad the hemorrhoids have become will determine which technique will work the best. If the person that has the hemorrhoids feels uncomfortable going to a doctor for clarification and remedy, try some home remedies first. If the problem persists then there may be no other option.

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A Residential Bounce House can Help Your Over Weight Child

By The problem with obese children is a grown problem in America. Too many children are lethargic as they have become a generation who spends a lot of time in front of the computer or watching TV and eating junk foods. It can be difficult to manage the activity of an unwilling child. However, if you can make the activity fun, that child will run for it. An inflatable bounce house is a great activity that feels like play but is really heart healthy.

A residential bounce house is proving to be a very successful way to help over weight children break their habits that are creating the problem.

One of the biggest problems with being over weight is the bad effect it has on the child's heart. Diabetes and high blood pressure are also a big problems. Aside from the enormous medical issues that being over weight can create, it is also very hard on a child's self-esteem.

Good old fashion exercise can help your child become healthier. One of the problems with exercise in an over weight child is that they are usually not too inclined to be active. It is a chore for them and so inactivity becomes a habit. It can be a little challenging for a child that is already in the habit of inactivity to start a regime of calisthenics or aerobics.

When the exercise is a toy or a game, it becomes far easier to motivate a the child into exercise and you will have better results in getting your child to participate in activity. Many people find that the inflatable bounce house is perfect for getting their children the healthy exercise that is needed.

You will find a bounce house in many different styles. You can get a clubhouse, a castle, and even a race track. The bouncers also come in bright colors.

The bounce house is available in a multitude of styles. There is the club house model, you can also find them in the shape of a castle, and even a race track. These bouncers are full of air and are very colorful.

Children enjoy the activities inside a bounce house and do not really see it as a place to exercise, but rather a place for play. The large inflatable will also attract many other kids who will want to come and play with your child.

What ever model your budget can afford, one thing for certain, is you will be providing a heart healthy toy for the child that could use it most.

They can also vary in price so you will be able find one that will fit your budget. The most important thing is the effect it will have on your child. You simply can not find a more heart healthy toy.

It won't take long for you and your child to start seeing the results. Your child will undergo major improvement to their health and self esteem as they begin to see the weight coming of.

Now is the perfect time to start getting your child more active. The bounce house is a little bit of an investment but it is far less expensive than the cost of poor health.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Reasons To Start Pole Dancing

By Nancy Emerson

Discover a new dance craze that has women, from housewives to business women, hitting the dance floor. Pole dancing is one of the fastest growing dance styles in the world. There are five main reasons why pole dancing has become so popular.

Pole dancing is a great outlet for energy. One of the biggest problems in the western world is stress and tension associated with the fast pace of life. When day-to-day life is overwhelmed with tension, pressure, and stress pole dancing provides an outlet to dance your way to relaxation. You can let your cares go and allow energy to flow through your body. Pole dancing will become your favorite form of relaxation.

Pole dancing provides intense exercise. In your quest for health and fitness you will find pole dancing the perfect means to reaching fitness. It will also ease your way into fitness. You will not lack motivation to exercise when your primary workout is pole dancing. Perseverance in exercise is the key to success. You have to enjoy what you are doing. Pole dancing will be pleasurable and enjoyable. You will have fun, while feeling sexy and feminine. It is a total body workout and you will not even notice how time flies.

Are you looking for a way to burn calories? Rid yourself of fat easily and quickly while pole dancing. Weight loss no longer has to be agonizing. It's no wonder, with all the health and fitness benefits that pole dancing has become one of the most popular ways to lose weight and tone your body.

Coordination development. Not only are you gaining physical and mental exercise, you will improve your coordination. As you keep pace, practice making clean movements, and keep your posture correct you will find that you become more and more coordinated. Pole dancing requires you to listen to music while integrating rhythmic dance movements in the space associated with the pole. All of these exercises combine to develop your coordination on the pole and every day.

Pole dancing is a fun, energetic way to exercise. As you are energized by the music and exercise you will have a good time and feel better about yourself. You may even find yourself intoxicated by the music and movement of pole dancing.

Every pole dancer interprets the dance and music from their own feelings. Each dancer's perspective and rhythm affects the dance. It is a unique and individual experience. The one thing everyone agrees on is that pole dancing is fun and anyone can do it.

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Which Is the Better-Value Treadmill: Sole F80 Or Smooth 6.45?

By Travis Van Slooten

In this Sole F80 vs Smooth 6.45 match up, we will actually find more similarities between these two than there are differences. These two treadmills are so alike in many aspects that anyone who has to decide between one and the other would have a hard time doing so.

Let's Get To The Specs

The treadmills have the relatively the same basic facilities: speeds of up to 11 miles per hour, up to 15% incline level and 3.0 HP motors with continuous duty facility.

The Smooth 6.45 is built slightly heavier, weighing 265 lbs than the Sole F80's 250 lbs, but the two machines are still guaranteed to be stable even with runners weighing up to 350 lbs using them. The Smooth 6.45 however, comes with a 20" by 60" running surface compared to the Sole F80's 20" by 55" area.

Console and User Programs

These two treadmills come with LED consoles that are useful for monitoring the user's pertinent data including, speed time, and distance traveled. They also have built-in programs, standard and customizable, which can go a long way in maximizing your workout sessions.

The Sole F80 is equipped With 6 standard programs, 2 heart rate programs, and 2 customizable user programs. The Smooth 6.45 comes in with 8 preset programs, and 3 programs for the user to set according to his preferences. Each of these treadmill exercise machines have hand pulse grips and heart rate monitoring system but the wireless chest strap monitor is exclusive to the Sole F80 model.

More Features

Want to jog in time to some of the latest hits? No problem. The Sole model comes with built-in speakers where you can plug-in your iPod or MP3 player and enjoy cool music while keeping in shape. The 6.45 does not have its own speaker system, but the Smooth 6.45M, a sister model that costs $100 more, does.

The Soles F80 also has the added facility of having the speed and incline controls on the armrest. This gives you the opportunity of making adjustments without breaking the continuity of the workout process.

Better Warranty And Price

Both of these top treadmill exercise models are higher priced than most. They range in MSRP from $1999 up to $2297. However, they can be found on sale for only $1499. The lifetime warranty on motor and frame, 5-year warranty on all electronic parts, and 2-year guarantee on labor is applicable for both treadmills, and this makes each a great investment in exercise equipment.

Choosing the Best between Sole F80 and Smooth 6.45

Whether you decide on the Sole F80 or the Smooth 6.45, you are guaranteed of a stable and proven treadmill that can withstand the rigors of daily use. As to which would be the better buy, I'd say the Smooth 6.45 is the top pick. The F80 has some slight advantages in a couple of additional features but the Smooth 6.45 has the larger running surface and is also one of the best-rated treadmills by Smooth Fitness.

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How To Start An Acai Berry Diet?

By Dana Hawkes

Starting an acai berry diet does not have to be a complex task. The diet itself is fairly simple, as long as you have clear goals and a clear plan of action. Following these tips and setting these parameters will help you to have a successful acai berry diet.

Figure Out your Method

You need to understand how you are going to get the acai berry in your diet. Most will find acai berry juice, following the juice with a cleansing juice of different vegetables. Others will turn towards the supplement form, attempting to get the acai berry through pills or dried powders that can be added to food and drink.

Figure Out you Meals

Part of the diet is the acai berry, but part of the diet is watching what you eat. Figure out how many meals you are going to eat. Figure out how much acai you are going to have per day. This will help you to ration out your acai berry ingredients, and will help you to lose weight.

Length of Diet

Setting a distance goal for the length of the diet is important. While some diets have a long distance goal, acai diets generally have a start date and an end date, simply because the acai can become expensive. Set a specific date goal.

Diet Goals

When starting any diet, it is important to set goals. Set goals for the amount of weight you would like to lose, the amount of body fat you would like to lose, or "length of diet" goals. Setting these goals give you a tangible goal to strive for, making it easy for you to start and maintain your acai berry diet.

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Baby Ear Thermometers - Quickest and Most Accurate Temperature Measurement

By Chloe Wells

All babies get ill for time to time and an increase in temperature is nothing unusual. It's the body's natural reaction to help fight off micro-organisms. However, occasionally the body can overreact which leads to dangerous rises in core body temperature which can be very serious. Monitoring your baby's temperature during illness is therefore very important.

Traditional methods (normally the rectal route) are still often used. However, many babies dislike this method and resist. Conventional thermometers are also slow to reach a steady temperature and settle on an accurate reading.

The baby ear thermometer represents a great development. Due to costs it was previously only used by health care professionals who needed a very quick and accurate reading. However, now costs have reduced so significantly they are now readily available to all for home use.

Baby ear thermometers work by quantifying levels of invisible radiation called infra-red. All warm objects give off infra-red radiation including our bodies and by measuring the amounts given off using electrical sensors it is possible to calculate the temperature of the source. And, unlike conventional thermometers the measurement and calculation is virtually instantaneous.

The ear represents one of the optimal sites for measuring body temperature. Inserting a small sensor into the ear causes minimal discomfort and stress. The ear is also not affected by fluctuations in local temperature (such as inside the mouth for instance where recent hot or cold drinks can have a big impact).

Generally speaking baby ear thermometers are very easy to use. You normally just place them in the ear canal, push a button and wait for a second or so for the result to appear on the display. Some of the very best also provide you with feedback while you are using them. For example they will tell you when the thermometer is in the correct place to give a reading and also tell you when an accurate reading has been obtained. Some even warm up the ear piece to avoid discomfort and increase the accuracy of the reading.

Baby ear thermometers are not solely for use on babies. They can in fact often be used in the whole family ranging all the way up to adults.

Although there are many options available to all parents baby ear thermometers represent one of the most practical and cost effective methods of monitoring your baby's body temperature during illness. They are extremely easy to use and the costs now make them an option for all families. They are a great investment which you will use again and again.

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The Only Low Fat Plan That Worked for Me (How I Quickly Lost 52lbs!)

By Carol Everett

Hi I'm Carol Everett and I was asked by my daughter Mindi to tell you about a great low fat diet plan that has been successful for both of us. This is one of the best low fat diet plans available. This plan actually makes sense and it easy to use. When I saw the result of Mindi using the plan I knew I had to try it myself to see if it would work for me. And work it did!

My daughter Mindi is busy, too busy in fact. She is the working mother of two and doesn't have time for game playing with meal plans to lose weight. Mindi had not lost the weight she gained while pregnant with my grandson and felt awful about herself when she was still wearing maternity clothing almost a year after giving birth.

Mindi often complained that others often thought she might be expecting another baby and she felt they were all looking at her. She needed something to change and change fast. Mindi tried so many diets and all of them failed her. She was about to give up trying until she found one program that worked so well!

Now Mindi not only looks fantastic, but her self esteem is healthy and she has so much more energy to keep up with her active kids. Mindi cannot tell enough people about her success. Mindi hopes that those of you who struggle with other diet plans will believe her when she tells you that there is a program that can help you succeed.

Mindi's constant struggle to lose weight and her success using a great program made me think about trying it myself. I had a few extra pounds that had been hanging over my head to take off for a while. I loved that this program is easy, not time consuming, and it was customized for my lifestyle and needs.

This plan is the only low fat diet plan that makes complete sense for a busy lifestyle! The low fat diet plan is easy to follow, easy to enjoy, and easy to see the results.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Five Symptoms Of Bacterial Vaginosis

By Danielle Clement

The symptoms of Bacterial vaginosis or BV can be very embarrassing and uncomfortable for women who are suffering from it. They can vary from women to women and for some can be mild and others very intense. It is also worth knowing that in fact some women can show no symptoms at all.

Odor and discharge These are the more common symptoms. The odor is a fishy unpleasant smell though it varies in intensity from case to case. The other symptom, the discharge, means you are discharging more frequently than usual. It has a grey or white color looking somewhat like milk. The abnormal discharge also often becomes even more so after sex. These two symptoms happen due to a bacterial change that is abnormal in the vagina; that is the casue of Bacterial Vaginosis.

Itching Itching is not as common a symptom as the smell and discharge, but can happen. Because itching is the most common sign of a yeast infection this can sometimes lead to an incorrect diagnsois, by women themselves and by doctors. Remember that in a yeast infection there is no odor or it is yeasty. The fishy smell is a sure sign of BV. Just look carefully at all the symptoms not just one.

Irritation and Cramping Again these are less common than the first 2 symptoms of odor and discharge. They can be very uncomfortable to deal with and can range in how severe they are. As irritation is also a symptom of a yeast infection remember to check your other symptoms too.

It is important if you belive you are suffering from any of these symptoms that you do something about it. Bacteria Vaginosis may be just a slight inconvenience if you are only experiencing mild occasional symptoms but you cannot leave it untreated for any length of time. As with all illness if you leave it untreated there can be long term repercussions. It is a good idea to educate yourself about Bacterial Vaginosis symptoms verus yeast infection symptoms and understand the causes of both in case you can make changes to prevent them. If you belive you have BV there are various options to treat it.

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Quick and Easy Hemorrhoid Cures

By Heather-Jane Hunter

As an ex sufferer of hemorrhoids I once found myself in a situation where I felt that everything I tried failed. Nothing worked for me for a long time and I was left feeling demoralized and doomed. I was at a point where I was willing to do anything to get rid of my hemorrhoids once and for all.

Looking back on those times I have the virtue of hindsight. I suffered a lot and learned a lot. In this article I will tell you a little more about some of the things I tried and give you some pointers as to which type of hemorrhoid cure is best for you.

Painful side-effects were one of the main problems I experienced when using creams and gels to try to cure my hemorrhoids. My hemorrhoids did reduce in size but over the period of a couple of days the irritation increased to the point where I was experiencing burning and stinging sensations which eventually forced me to end the treatment. The way that the majority of gels, creams and lotions work is by first reducing the swelling which in turn reduces pain. As mentioned above " my hemorrhoids did reduce in size but my pain increased. Im sure that some hemorrhoid creams would work effectively but none that I tried worked for me. If you do use creams keep a close eye on your progress and if you notice any increase in irritation or pain, stop the treatment immediately.

Hemorrhoid surgery is usually reserved for only severe cases of hemorrhoids. This is for 2 main reasons. It is very costly (usually upwards of US$1200), and it can be very painful. Luckily I never needed hemorrhoid surgery although I did come very close to having it and I do know numerous people who have had hemorrhoid surgery. A friend of mine called Jared had a hemorrhoidectomy after battling hemorrhoids for more than 18 months. He was practically bed ridden for over 4 weeks following the operation and struggle with extreme pain. Hemorrhoidectomys are not for the faint hearted. Be prepared for extreme pain and expect to remain in the house for at least 3 weeks after the operation. While hemorrhoidectomys do cure hemorrhoids, it is possible that hemorrhoids will return at some time in the future. Hemorrhoid surgery should only be used as a last resort after all other methods have been tried.

The way I finally cured my hemorrhoids (after struggling for 18 months) was through using natural hemorrhoid remedies. The natural remedies worked so well for me because they work on fighting the cause of hemorrhoids instead of healing the effects of hemorrhoids. Natural hemorrhoid remedies can work very quickly to cure hemorrhoids with some people noticing results in as little as 4-5 days. Natural hemorrhoid cures are by far the cheapest option and can be done from you own home.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids or know of someone who suffers from hemorrhoids, a wealth of information is available from the pages mentioned below.

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Why Allergy Sufferers Love Silk Flowers

By Phillipa Davis

Are you worried about having flowers at your wedding because of allergies? There is no need to worry about this any longer because the high quality silk flowers that are available will make you forget all about fresh cut flowers. The silk flowers that are on the market now are so realistic that nobody will know the difference unless they touch them. If you have been worrying about suffering from allergy symptoms on your wedding day, you can relax because you have found the solution. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of flowers without all the downsides as long as you choose wisely.

Improved technology means that there are brands of silk flowers available that are extremely detailed and lifelike. You would really be hard pressed to tell them apart from real flowers. It's really not surprising that they have gotten so popular. People with allergies to real flowers will enjoy them because they are non allergenic, but that's not the only benefit. Silk flowers will never wilt, crush under careless handling, or turn brown. There are so many varieties available that you can come up with endless possibilities for your wedding arrangements. Think about it, the flowers you adore will always be in season.

To create a basic silk flower arrangement for your wedding reception tables, consider using opaque vases. That way, you'll be able to set a piece of floral foam securely in the bottom. If you need to, you can use a glue gun to keep it from moving. For clear vases, use glass pebbles and water. It's important to create a sturdy base that's heavy enough to keep the arrangement from tipping. Some silk blossoms are heavier than they look, after all.

When making the arrangements, choose one flower to be the focus. It should be tallest bloom in the vase and should never be more than three or four times the height of the vase. Since you want this flower to catch the eye, choose one that is richly colored and large. If this flower is drooping, simply trim the stem a little to stabilize it. Once you have this bloom in place you can start adding smaller and slightly shorter flowers to give some visual support. Make sure all of the flowers are above the lip of the vase or they will be unseen. Three to five flowers are usually sufficient for small arrangements and will draw the eye to the center of the arrangement.

Once all the flowers are in place, you're ready to add some filler. You can use fern fronds and other kinds of leafy greenery. You can also add some very small accent flowers like forsythia, eucalyptus branch, baby's breath, and forget me not. You want the arrangement to look full without it appearing to be overcrowded. Keep in mind that imperfection is much better that perfect symmetry, which will look rather artificial. You may have to try several times, but once you're finished you'll have the perfect silk flower arrangements for your wedding. The nice thing a about silk flowers is that you can do it over and over until you are pleased.

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Memory Boxes And Their Significance

By Oliver Jackson Carter

Death is a part of life. We all know this, yet we all get very emotional and upset should we lose someone close to our hearts. And rightly so, if we've lost someone who we have spent a great deal of time with over the years, of course we should feel this way, we miss them and we want to remember them.

Regardless of what relationship you had with the deceased person, if you were close then you will most likely want to remember them as well as possible, and a "memory box" is the perfect way to achieve this.

Memory boxes are most commonly used for the in the heartbreaking situation of a Mother having a stillbirth or a miscarriage. They are simply boxes that contain representations of how the deceased child was or would have been.

Typically, most memory boxes will contain the following items; fingerprints on paper & ink, finger and hand moulds in clay, a lock of hair, clothes that were going to or did belong to the child and the child's birth details, among other things.

Although that is the most, common, it is not the only time that memory boxes get used. Recently it is becoming quite common for people who know that their time is near to make one for themselves to give to their friends and family.

If a parent knows that they are on the way towards death, but they still have fairly young children, or if someone simply has many close relatives or friends and wants to be remembered, then a memory box would be a great thing to leave behind.

Items normally included in a memory box are things like photographs of the deceased with the recipients of the memory box, any trademark items, eg. if someone always wore the same watch, that would be included, and also fragrances are a good stimulant for the memory.

The boxes are always personalised with the persons name on the outside (well, not always, but usually). They make a perfect keepsake for anyone who has lost someone dear to them until the day comes when they make their own memory box.

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Know Your Training Frequency Before Cycling

By Alison Addy

Each person has by birth an inbuilt strength to perform an activity of a better quality than the other. Likewise, a cyclist can ride miles together at ease with whatever constitution he is made up of. Leaving this ability aside, there is no method to gauge a cyclist's performance except by the type of training he has undertaken. If a cyclist forces his body to adjust to a definite physical adaptation, his riding capacity and performance are enhanced to a great extent.

To plan a successful training program, the cyclist has to understand as to what happens to his body when certain training methods are implemented. The body of the cyclist is made to adapt higher standards of stress and therefore performance by subjecting it to the calculated training stimuli during a methodical training program. He must get prepared mentally before deciding to better his cycling techniques. Next comes, the nutritional diet and the proper equipment. Top athletes of the world have devised scientific principles, by trial and error method which may be useful for the aspirant in cycling.

A cyclist who wants to develop his own techniques is groping in the dark. Training is much superior to random exercising or performing irregular workouts. The purpose of stress training is to conserve one's energy even after performing strenuous acts. The cyclist's commitment to this type of training makes him approach it in a scientific way. At the novice stage of development, he should not imitate an advanced stage cyclist or follow his training plan. This leads to injuries due to overuse.

He can develop his own type of training as long as he understands how that workout stresses his body systems equally. For a cyclist, training volume means the number of miles covered by riding the bike in a week. This value is logged as a reference for the volume of work done.

Next in the order of importance is the intensity which is the capacity to exert in a given period of time. This can be understood by the cyclist's guessing or measured with instruments like power meter, heart rate monitor or VO2 max testing machine fitted to the cycle. There is no point in exerting with high intensity at the start of the training program.

Training frequency has to be known as the number of training packages undertaken in a given period of time. To determine the quality of a training week, frequency attempts to ascertain the difficulty factor. If a cyclist covers 600 Kilometers in 5 days which was deemed to be covered in 7 days, his frequency is said to have increased.

Read more articles about cycling training and Vo2Max available here at this web.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Best Review Of Arm Exercises For Women

By Katherine Crawford M.S.

Are you looking for the best arm exercises for women? Well, you are in for a roller coaster ride!

You see, there are so many different view points out there as to which exercises are best, that the general public is stuck in a perpetual state of analysis paralysis.

Most women do not have the educational resources to figure out what is fact and fiction. It can be a confusing world, especially with all the quacks out there. But I have already gone through this

I have committed to undertaking the most massive review ever of every single arm exercise I can find. It will be gruesome, but I'm willing to do it in the name of all those souls searching for sexy arm stardom. So here is today's review of wrist curls:

1. Summary: Wrist curls are great for your forearms, but not great for getting rid of your jiggly arm flab. This exercise is simply way too specialized and focused on the upper forearm muscle.

2. Technical overview: Grab a barbell, sit on a bench and rest your wrists on your knees. Keep your abs tight and raise said barbell. Then lower it in a controlled fashion.

3. Most common errors: Not going all the way up and all the way down with the barbell which makes the exercise more ineffective. And grabbing the barbell with a vice-like grip which can be very painful!

4. Conclusion: You should not be doing this exercise unless you have a special condition that requires strong wrists and/or forearms. It does not tone your upper arm area. And you need to tone your upper arm area if you want to get rid of the jiggle. Period.

So what are the best upper arm exercises for women? Well, you are going to have to read my other reviews to get the big picture here. And the more you learn, the better off you'll be!

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Fast Food and Obesity Work Hand in Hand Towards a Bigger World

By Sarah Gardner

In an effort to prove that the fast food industry is responsible for the growing obesity rate in the United States, independent filmmaker Morgan Spurlock followed a 30-day diet modification program that consisted only consuming only food from the McDonalds menu.

The purpose of this exercise was to show the world the way the fast food industry continually promotes unhealthy eating with financial gain being it's main, if not only, interest. The global issues of the health and weight epidemic were focused on in the 2004 Academy Award nominated movie, Super Size Me which made every effort to prove that the fast food industry and obesity were working hand in hand towards creating a bigger world.

Obesity And Fast Food Provide Ground Rules For Documentary Film

During the 30 day period of diet plan Spurlock was allowed to consume 5000 calories each day from the McDonald's menu and as part of his three meals every day, he was required to eat each and every menu item at least once throughout the 30 days. Before starting the experiment, Spurlock was a healthy thirty two year old man of six feet two inches in height and weighed in at an average 185 pounds. The 30 day McDonald's diet plan saw him gain 24.5 pounds and his BMI (Body Mass Index) rose from 23.2 to 27.

Considering that a healthy BMI for someone of his age, height and weight is between 19 and 25, it was apparent that he had moved up to the overweight bracket whilst following the McDonald's diet plan for this short period of time. Spurlock's claim that fast food and obesity are related was proven to many by these facts alone. The first five days of the fast food diet plan saw him gain in the region of ten pounds in weight.

Fast Food and Obesity Experiment Results

The United States and other nations who had previously supported the McDonald's fast food industry were impressed by the movie, and even more so when the supersize option on the McDonald's menu was quickly phased out. Healthy salad options were added, although the fast food chain states that these changes had nothing to do with the movie.

Many of the healthy eating options consist of fried chicken and the salad dressings to go with them are simply full of fat. As a result, these choices actually contain more calories and grams of fat than the traditional McDonald's burger and fries. Nonetheless, McDonalds have never actually admitted that fast food and obesity are closely related; just as they have never agreed that their menu items are a direct recipe to obesity.

Regrettably, even though the McDonald's menu provides a healthy option to its many fat-filled fast food meals, the customer is not obliged in any way to choose the healthy food, simply because it's on the menu. Choices which are lower in fat can be ordered from the menu, but the majority of customers don?t bother to make such personal ordering modifications.

This would lead us to believe that training the customer to think about what they eat holds more importance than pointing the finger at big businesses. Subway have made a concerted effort to broadcast their healthy eating practices and the options available on their menu whilst McDonald's have continued to sell the products which have made them so well known, ignoring for the best part any health guidelines whatsoever. Therefore, it would appear to be the responsibility of the consumer to make the right decision about exactly what they eat.

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Effective Weight Loss Tips

By Joshua Seth

Are you sick and tired of all the misinformation from the weight loss industry causing people to waste their time and money on fad diets that only end up making them fatter!

The Center for Disease Control reports that now over 120 million Americans are overweight and it is just getting worse. Together we can do something about it. Read on for details

You probably know that Ive written numerous articles on weight loss hypnosis. Ive also spoken on the topic before thousands of people in my Weight Loss Hypnosis Seminars. And because not everyone is able to attend one of my seminars Ive also created a series of weight loss hypnosis CDs. But its not enough! More people need this information than I can reach on my own.

I've taken the best of all that content, boiled it down, skimmed off the fat, and created seven weight loss resources that Id like to give you as a free gift.

These 7 simple weight loss MP3s, videos, and special reports are designed to help you finally lose weight and keep it off forever. And Im giving them all to you for FREE!

I've been asked over and over "Why not charge for it?" After all, people pay good money to attend my weight loss hypnosis seminars. Well, Im hoping youll like the content and tell your friends about it so they will come to this site and sign up to download their copies too. That way we can reach as many people as possible and do our part to help solve this growing problem in our society.

It's therefore win-win. You and your friends will get a ton of valuable information that will help you lose weight more quickly and easily than any diet youve ever been on, and I can help many more people than ever before. Together we can make a difference and change peoples lives for the better :-)

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Health and Fitness Using Workout Benches

By Sally Jones

Do you feel that it is important to stay healthy and fit but you are tired of going to the gym day after day? If so, it may be time to start using workout benches at home. Going to the gym can really get old, especially if you have a busy life. You spend time going to the gym, time driving home from the gym, and the membership is fairly costly as well. Well why not start working out at home so you can stay fit and healthy without all the cost and without wasting so much time.

Simply purchasing workout benches to use at home can allow you to stop wasting time and money on the gym. Clear out a room or a place in a room and make it into your own home gym. Just make sure that you are going to be committed to actually keeping up with your workouts when you do this.

You have two options when you go to purchase workout benches. First of all, you can decide to purchase brand new benches to use at home, or the other option is to go with some used equipment. Both options have pros and cons. With new benches you know what you are getting and you can send it back if there is a problem.

Of course when you go the used route, you can definitely get a better deal, but you don't always know what problems can crop up quickly.

Once you have your workout benches, make sure that you use them on a regular basis. It's easy to get busy and stop working out when you start working out at home. Make sure that you plan your workout into your day. Ensure that you mix things up as well. Don't always do the same routines or you will end up getting bored. Come up with different routines that you can do so that you stay interested and keep yourself fit and feeling healthy.

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Getting More From a Cellulite Cream Review

By Patricia Hammond

Cellulite creams are now growing in popularity as an accepted means to treat cellulite. Not all creams however are as effective as they are advertised to be. If you want to find the best cellulite cream for you, you should take a closer look at every cellulite cream review.


Testimonials and endorsements can tell you a lot. We are all aware however that in the world of advertising, testimonial fabrication is a common occurrence. In the online world, it is quite common for a product reseller to pay a blogger to write a cellulite cream review even if the individual has had no direct experience with the product.

To get a general idea of what the product can do, it is still good to read these reviews. It is always best however to look for health organizations with websites that can provide more objective reviews and even product ranking. A lot of sites will not risk just getting on the wrong side of a product manufacturer and will only provide low ranks to products that are not very effective.


Look for details about product ingredients and scientific explanations about how each ingredient works in your cellulite cream review. You should be able to judge a product better with scientific explanations. A better cellulite cream review will provide you with links to sites that will offer you additional data on the scientific basis of its claims. In the absence of such links however, you should check on the truth of scientific claims by researching on the ingredients yourself.

Money Back Guarantee

Though there are some effective products that don't offer a money-back guarantee, it is still to your advantage if you choose one with such offer. This means that the manufacturers are making it known through a cellulite cream review that they are standing by the effectiveness of their products and are even willing to bet on their income just to prove that they have a good product.

Check on forums that have a bearing on cellulite and check how many people are actually getting their money back. A tremendous rate of product returns may be a sign that the product may not be very effective at all.


Any product would never admit to being inferior than other products. A good cellulite cream review however will not show you bloated claims such as immediate and total cellulite elimination. Products that can be trusted are those that will honestly give the limitations of their products in a review. It is better to buy and use a product that only claims to reduce cellulite rather than a product that claims to provide miraculous results.


Trust only cellulite cream reviews that give you the product's side effects if there are any. Manufacturers will also only claim that their product has no side effects if they are truly sure that they can stand by the claim. As an extra precaution however, it is always better to test a product first before using it extensively on your body.

More than anything, you should discontinue the use of a product as soon as you notice something funny or experience some discomfort. You can help product reviewers and potential users by spreading the word about your positive or negative experiences in using a product.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Why You Need to Stretch

By Sean Davids

Stretching routines are an easy, effective means of improving your fitness levels. A consistently performed stretching routine can provide you with many advantages. Many professionals recommend such a regime as a way to enhance or restore flexibility, and also to reduce your chances of injury during sporting events, workouts or simply everyday life.

One of the best benefits of stretching routines is that your mobility becomes greatly improved. With consistent stretching of your muscles, you'll keep up your current state of flexibility and also continue to improve on it. If you ever quit your stretching program, your muscles will tighten up once again and you'll become much less flexible; you'll be right back where you started.

For many people, total flexibility is the objective and they opt for stretching techniques that work all regions of their bodies during their workout. A well designed stretching program can be a big help in preventing a range of injuries that commonly take place in day to day life. If you're flexible, you're a lot less likely to sprain your ankle, strain a muscle, or pull a ligament. This happens because your muscles become skilled at moving in various directions.

If your stretching program becomes a regular habit, you are almost certain to have less pain in your joints, since you're continually loosening them up during this activity. As well, muscles that are stretched regularly are usually more healthy because they get better blood circulation. Better blood flow provides the muscles with the nutrients and oxygen that they require to become stronger.

A focused stretching routine, similar to those used in physical therapy, can enhance the strength of your muscles a great deal. And it will probably only take a few weeks if you're really determined to perform the movements.

However, a flexibility routine will be effective only if you are performing the moves properly. That's why it's so important to observe your motions carefully and make sure you're performing them properly. Therefore you're more likely to get the most benefit out of your workout.

A stretching routine will improve your sense of well being and boost your body image, whether your objective is muscle toning or an increase in strength. Performing a stretching routine at least three times a week is the best way to reap the benefits.

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How Much Protein Should I Eat

By Pierra Kierra

Thanks to rise of whey protein, extra protein consumption has become very popular. Bodybuilders have been taking extra protein for a long time now but it was never really this easy and painless to get so much protein into your system at will. But that begs the question, what quantity of protein should we eat each day? The answer depends on your body mass and diet but it can still be calculated easily.

Be aware of the fact that too many proteins can disrupt your digestion and can even cause aversion towards meat or other protein food or even provoke a lack of appetite. Too many proteins can lead to dehydration and also damage the kidneys. If you decide to eat a lot of proteins, make sure you drink a lot of water.

How much protein should I eat if I work out regularly?

Calculate the protein amount based on the calories quantity. If you work out this means you need to double the quantity of proteins because the muscles are worked harder and the proteins will help them grow. The recommendation is 1g protein for every 1lb of body mass. A man that has 150lb and 10% body fat needs 135g of protein each day. This is for people who work out at least three times a week.

What quantity of protein should i be eating when im on a diet?

Since you are not working out stick to the 35% of your daily calorie intake we previously mentioned and just limit your protein consumption to that. Any excess protein will just go out as waste.

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Reasons To Be Kind To Your Nerves or the Saturday Night Nerve Palsy

By Jonathan Blood Smyth

You may be familiar with the picture, either personally or from a story somebody told you. A young man goes out for the evening, all dressed up and smelling of aftershave. He meets his mates in the pub and has a few beers, starting off the process of intoxication which continues most of the night. After the pub there is the nightclub and more drinking until it's time to roll out and round to the kebab house to have a snack. After a bit more hanging about he goes home or to one of his mates' houses to watch television, chat and perhaps drink a little more.

He's going to have a hangover in the morning but there is no surprise there and he certainly won't be. The thing he doesn't expect is falling asleep for some time in the odd position he last happened to adopt whilst watching the TV. He's sitting sideways on a chair and has draped his arm over the back of the chair and that's how he has fallen asleep. Some hours later he wakes up and finds himself in the same position. The arm is numb but he shakes it about and rubs it to get it back to life like we often have to when we lie on our arm at night.

If we adopt an odd or stressful position when we sleep the increasing discomfort in the part wakes us up or we naturally just move to a better posture. When we are drunk however we may not do this and this was the problem which allowed the bodily structures in his armpit to suffer significantly increased stresses for perhaps some hours before he finally woke. The arm will hardly move at all and he becomes concerned when it does not respond to shaking and rubbing by recovering its movement.

Reacting to stimuli is what nervous tissues are designed to do but they can react in negative fashion if the applied stimulus is too large or lasts too long. Pressure applied for a long period or a direct blow to an area can both cause nerve trauma, with honeymooners' palsy being the term for nerve damage caused by one partner using the other's arm as a pillow during sleep. Longer term nerve pressure can disrupt the blood supply to the nerve and compromise the function of the nerve, a condition called neurapraxia.

A neurapraxia is the mildest form of the classification categories of nerve injuries which also includes axonotmesis and neurotmesis. In a neurapraxia the nerve is damaged but there is no mechanical disruption of the structure of the nerve sheath or the axon within, so regeneration does not need to occur as in the more severe syndromes. The conduction of impulses is interrupted by the trauma, leading to a loss of motor power with a variable amount of sensory change. There may be a lack of local blood supply from compression which leads to local biochemical changes in the nerve.

The paralysis which leads to loss of function of the arm is temporary and can resolve in hours. However, in even average cases it can be six to eight weeks before the slow improvement occurs and normal strength returns to the arm. There is mostly a greater interruption of muscle power with feeling and sweating/circulation control of the arm less affected. As this can be serious the person should be examined by a doctor, for although there may be little to be done but wait, the sufferer needs to have the problem explained and be instructed how to look after their arm until it recovers.

Once the paralysis has occurred the arm will need to be supported by a sling to prevent shoulder problems and the person taught to check the arm regularly if there is any sensory loss. Sensory loss means that the arm can be damaged without the person realising it, so they have to be vigilant in looking after the limb until it recovers. Other ways of getting this kind of nerve trauma is in sport, by leaning against a solid edge for a long time or by falling asleep on the toilet for some hours.

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The Modern Juicer and How To Buy The Best One

By Mike Riley

Buying a juicer for the home can be very confusing and mind boggling sometimes, considering the fact that there are so many of them available these days. I first became aware of the the benefits of juicing after purchasing a Lalanne Power Juicer. There are many available and a lot of people end up purchasing an unsuitable one.

It is important to first realize the reason for buying a machine and then go ahead looking for one. As fruit and vegetable juicing machines are different from wheatgrass juicers it is advisable to know the differences. Before going out and making a purchase, making a list of features you desire is a useful exercise.

There are many different power juicers around in the shops. It can be confusing trying to choose between a centrifugal juicer, a masticating machine, and a twin gear juicer. Centrifugal machines are the most common and more affordable than the other juicers.

Due to the high speed of the centrifugal juicers they are most suitable for juicing vegetables and fruit. They are, however, not particularly suitable for foods like spinach, wheatgrass and lettuce. In order to prevent any of the juice going to waste it is often advisable to buy a single or twin blade machine. There are special types of juicing machines on the market for these types of foods. One of the most suitable types is the Miracle-mj 500 Juicer. They have the advantage of usually being quite cheap and contain no aluminium parts and are particularly easy to operate. With Masticating machines, the low speed units help produce high quality juice as a result of reduced oxidation.

I would advise checking the guarantee of any machine prior to purchasing. A good juicer will have a guarantee range of 5- 10 years. Also it is advisable check the blades and the quality of the blades as a lot will need replacing after two to four months of normal use. It is important to consider the yield that the juicer produces because this factor determines the output. Ideally you want less waste and more juice. A motor rating of about four hundred and twenty watts is recommended as heat produced from using a much higher power motor can often destroy the juice due to oxidation.

A branded machine such as the Jack Lalanne Power Fruit Juicer is often a better investment than a non branded machine. The reason is that replacement parts are more readily avaialble and often a lot cheaper.

Other than making fruit and vegetable juicers, many more modern machines can be used for different functions. Surprisingly, they can be used to make many products including ice cream, nut butters and pasta. The modern juicer is truly a versatile machine.

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Exercise, A Way To A Healthy Diet

By Dennis Miller

Exercise is always associated with good healthy diet. It is by far one of the most important factors for one to have an effective and healthy diet.

To be victorious with exercise"especially if it's not normally part of your routine, is to look for ways to integrate it into your daily lifestyle, instead of just getting exercise whenever you have a free time. Integration is the key. Look for any chance to get more exercise like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further away from your office and walk, as long as you're actively moving around, you'll be burning off more calories than if you were sitting. A helpful tip is to schedule your exercise as you would other activities during the day"put it in your calendar, work it into your routine as a planned activity"or it will get pushed aside.

As has been said, one of the most helpful and healthy diet tips is through exercising. Why does exercise always get linked with diet? Primarily because it helps you reach your goals of losing fat and looking great in a healthy way. But first let us define the meaning of exercise. Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health. It is performed for many different reasons.

These include strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, weight loss or maintenance and for enjoyment. Frequent and regular physical exercise boosts the immune system, and helps prevent the "diseases of affluence" such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

It also improves mental health and helps prevent depression. Childhood obesity is a growing global concern and physical exercise may help decrease the effects of childhood obesity in developed countries (Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia). Regular exercise helps to improve how well your heart and lungs work, maintain a healthy weight or help you lose weight, improve balance, muscle tone and joint flexibility, relieve stress and tension and improve your mood, and reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes.

Indeed, the benefits of exercising are awesome! It is in fact the best diet advice one could ever have and could ever give.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

How Breast Exercises can deal with Sagging Breasts

By Claudia Miller

Like me you're probably looking at options for breast enlargement. Women are prepared to spend a great deal of money on finding ways to grow bigger breasts, but forget that exercise also plays an important part in any breast enlargement routine.

Now I'm not saying that breast enlargement exercises alone are going to increase your breast size from an AAA to a C cup. That would be great, but unfortunately, it's not true! What I suggest however, is that breast exercises are a fabulous way to prepare the breasts for growth.

Once we understand how important it is to include exercises into our daily life we can also begin to address problems such as sagging breasts. Research suggest that daily exercise helps to prevent disease, improves stamina, strengthens and tones the muscles, enhances body flexibility, controls the weight and most importantly makes you feel and look good.

Light exercise is all that is required as too much can make you sick

It's a good idea to exercise lightly. Leave the long-distance running or swimming to the top athletes. Their goal is probably not one of breast enlargement. When you partake in such intense physical activity, the chances are that your body will be under considerable stress. Stress hormones will inhibit the production of progesterone, a hormone required for breast enlargement.

Resistance Training Routines

Weight training exercises will help to lift sagging breast tissue. The breasts themselves have no muscles to hold them up. If you are after lift and perkiness, focus on the pectoral muscles that surround the chest area underneath the breast tissue. When these muscles are well toned, they will give a smaller bust an appearance of being larger.

A modified or full push-up and a set of flyes are great ways to address sagging breasts. You will discover that there are many breast exercises that you can choose from.

Remember that you only need to exercise moderately so long as you do it consistently. Choose a range of breast enhancement exercises that target your upper chest area to complement your general exercise program. Incorporate a range that you personally find enjoyable and stick to these until you have reached a comfortable level. The ultimate goal is to improve your overall health, to help deal or avoid sagging breasts and to benefit your breast enlargement program.

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Massage Chairs with Reflexology Massage

By Claudine Balsells

The practice of reflexology massage has so far been traced back to the Egyptian times. The archaeology record shows reflexology massage being practiced as early as 2030 B. C. Our ancestors certainly understood complex relationships about the body. Reflexology is the practice of stimulating the hands or feet which relieves tension throughout the body. Many of these techniques are now being integrated into massage chairs.

Reflexology massage is an interesting field of study. The idea behind this type of therapy is that the hands and feet have special relationships with the major organs in the body. Certain areas of the hands and feet can be massaged and their corresponding organ releases tension.

Reflexology or zone therapy is the study of certain areas of the hands and feet and their corresponding relationship to other parts of the body. Reflexology uses zone maps to identify the regions in the hands and feet. Massage is provided to the areas of the feet or hands which then releases tension to its corresponding organ.

Reflexology is mainly focused on the release of tension in the body. When someone is under stress, they began to tense up. This means the muscles are held under tension for sometimes very long periods of time. This in turn leads to muscle fatigue.

We all go through points of stress in our lives. Many of the stresses we have our mental yet they cause the same reaction in our bodies as a physical threat. Our bodies are ready for action but most the time there is in action. However, the stiffness of the muscles will increase when we are under stress.

Just as our body has a self protect cycle, reflexology seems to be able to undo the effects of the self protect cycle. When you are under stress, blood goes to your major organs in your feet and hands are ready to act. Reflexology works from the hands and feet, which are in turn connected to specific organs.

Many massage chairs are integrating reflexology into their programs. Reflexology is used for the feet and contained in the leg rest. Reflexology points in the feet are targeted with small nodes. These nodes are gently pushed into the prescribed zone.

Massage chairs also utilize the air compression technology and may inflate an air bag underneath the reflexology to. When the airbag is activated, it will fill up pushing the reflexology nodes into the appropriate spot on the foot. Compression massage is used around the foot to hold it for targeting the reflexology point.

Massage chairs also have heating elements built into the leg rest. It facilitates blood flow and helps to reduce swelling. This is a nice complementary treatment to the reflexology massage.

Some massage chairs allow you to customize your foot massage. They come with reflexology nodes that are mounted on a footpad. Be footpad is a plate that can be taken out of the leg rest. Those who do not want to have their reflexology points stimulated can opt out.

The ancient art of reflexology massage and its associated benefits is slowly being replicated in massage chairs. As science begins to unravel the mysteries of traditional healing treatments such as reflexology they surely will be incorporated into the most advanced massage chairs.

The ancient art of reflexology concentrates on the hands and feet. These are normally activated when somebody is under stress. Reflexology seeks to release the tension that is prevalent under stress. It helps to release tension from the major organs by soothing the soft tissues of the hands or feet. These techniques are being replicated in massage chairs.

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The Impact of LMS Training on the Medical Field

By Russel Simons

Have we forgotten what those ancient Greeks taught us? "Know thyself," they said. In this day and age when all we'd ever like to know is just a few computer or smart phone keystrokes away, it seems like we would know a little more about ourselves. LMS training and online courseware also makes acquiring knowledge simple. But how familiar are we with our own bodies?

Unless you're a medical student or practitioner, you're probably unfamiliar with at least half of the hundreds of activities that are taking place in your body as you read this article. Personally I know I'm one of those people.

Online medical courses include those in nursing, pharmacy, radiologic science, and food and nutrition. Medical students often use LMS training only to complement real-life experience, but individuals can also benefit from such courseware.

LMS training is a versatile tool in the medical community, and can serve a number of purposes.

For instance, cultural sensitivity training can be deployed using LMS training platforms. Aetna is one health insurance provider that uses online courses to train doctors and nurses in cross-cultural issues. Any clinician who is part of the Aetna network, or who has filed a claim with the insurance company, can take the online course in cultural sensitivity free of charge.

In part due to the scenario in which many Latinos in the U.S. immigrate from countries whose governments provide free or low-cost health care, chronic diseases affect the Latino demographic to a disproportionate degree.

Also, strong doctor-patient bonds and communication are prevented by language barriers.

In response to this situation, LMS training can provide doctors and nurses with ethnic diversity videos and Spanish resources which cover various medical issues.

Just like any training program, whether it's LMS training or face-to-face, rewards are important to ensure student success. For instance, Aetna provides credit for continuing education requirements to those who complete the training.

Tools offered by a robust LMS include video, audio, and podcast-creating tools, as well as demo and screen-recording features. Course creators can design and customize their own learning material for any kind of training necessary. LMS training is simple, efficient, and low-cost. Thanks in part to online resources and courseware, people both inside and outside the medical field are coming to feel confident helping not only themselves, but each other.

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Cause of Tinnitus: A Brief Overview Of The Reasons For Tinnitus

By Thomas Colman

Suffering from ringing in the ears? Find out the real causes of tinnitus which the pharmaceutical companies are hiding from you.

When external sound waves reach the small, sensitive hairs that are present in the inner parts of the human ear, they produce signals that are electronic in nature. These signals, thus generated, travel through the auditory nerves and finally reach the brain. These signals are received, and then interpreted as sound, by the brain. However, when the delicate hairs on ones inner ear somehow get damaged or are not functioning properly, confusing and wrong signals are sent up to the brain. While processing these signals, the brain produces bizarre, disturbing noises, which in turn, travel back to the ear. These sounds can vary in their nature, and include whooshing, whistling or ringing sounds, among others. As a result, a person gets to hear these noises, even when no apparent source of such sounds is present near him/her. Tinnitus is the name given to the disease which causes a person to hear such distressing sounds.

We would here be delving into some factors that are not, in themselves, basic causes of tinnitus. Rather, they are the triggers that can initiate the causes of the ailment. Doctors need to have the proper mindset while dealing with tinnitus cases, since the disease is caused by a combination of factors. As an example, problems related to sinus are not among the direct reasons for tinnitus, but are among the triggers. However, if a person leads a wasteful lifestyle, is exposed to too much strain or anxiety, or has a high blood pressure, these factors can directly bring about tinnitus problems in him/her. Since these are causes of the ailment, holistic methods of treatment should be opted for to ensure a quick relief.

Cause of Tinnitus: A Brief Overview

Exposure to acute depression and stress factors : Even if the ears appears to be healthy, and medical check-ups do not yield any aberrations, tinnitus can still affect the person. These problems can be avoided or reduced if they take up a holistic approach to lifestyle.

Acoustic neuroma factors : This refers to a tumor which can cause tinnitus. These benign tumors generally form on the nerves of the brain, which extend till the internal portions of the ear, from the brain. These nerves, in their normal state, help a person to retain balance, and also aids in his/her hearing. Vestibular Schwannoma is the alternative name given to these problems, which in most cases, affect one of the ears of the patient.

Problems from Menieres disease : Menieres disease refers to a medical condition inflicting the inner regions of the ear. The problem is mainly caused by the pressures of a typical fluid in the ear, and often results in tinnitus as well.

Damages in head and/or neck regions : Such injuries often affect the system of nerves adversely, and can hamper the proper functioning of these nerves. The brain, as a result, also suffers an impact, and tinnitus problems often make an appearance.

Problems due to senility: As a person becomes senile, (s)he can lose his/powers of hearing, either totally, or, at least, to some extent. As a person reaches 60 years of age, these factors, also termed Presbycusis in medical jargon, start to manifest themselves.

Having to hear sounds at high volumes: This is also a probable cause. If a person has to continuously hear noises at extremely high pitches, a constant ringing noise seems to be audible to him/her, even when there exists no such source. For example, this is common in people who are employed in stamping mills or forging jobs. Tinnitus problems can also result from the shot guns that are rather heavy, and have to be placed on the shoulder for firing. Also, if individuals are constantly exposed to the loud beats of music at night clubs, they are prone to tinnitus attacks.

Deposits of ear wax: If ear wax gets accumulated in the ear over time, it might cross the prescribed maximum level. When this limit is crossed, tinnitus problems may crop up.

Atherosclerosis: It refers to cases when deposits of cholesterol constrict the blood vessels of the human body. When the blood vessels of either the middle or the inner portions of the ear are affected, tinnitus can be a direct result. The inherent elasticity that accounts for other cardiac functions are also lost as a result. The affected person hears such auditory impulses as hissing or whooshing noises, apart from other pulsating sounds. Both the ears are affected in such cases.

Blood pressure related issues : The level of blood pressure can go up considerably due to the presence of excessive amounts of cholesterol in the arteries. In a logic similar to the one discussed above, these deposits bring down the supply of blood to the neck and the head, thereby causing tinnitus. However, holistic treatments can solve these problems at an early stage.

Tumor formation in the neck and/or head : The blood vessels of the human neck and head (i.e., the vascular neoplasm) experience an increased pressure due to these tumors. As a result, tinnitus problems may come up.

AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation):This process refers to erroneous contacts between the veins and the arteries and it can be a major cause too. Tinnitus, caused in this manner, affects one of the ears.

Cause of Tinnitus " A Look at Some Medicines With Adverse Effects

Medicines of a certain variety can, in fact, give birth to tinnitus problems. The situation can be considerably worsened by consuming some types of drugs as well.

Let us now look at some of the common medicines that are considered to be among the contributing factors of tinnitus as well:

Antibiotic medicines (e.g. Vancomycin, Erythromycin, Tetracycline, Bleomycin and Chloramphenicol).

Cancer-treating drugs (e.g. Vincristine and Mechlorethamine).

Diuretic drugs, namely, ethacrynic acid, bumetanide or furosemide.

Quinine drugs, which are widely prescribed to treat malarial problems, and other diseases of a similar nature.

Researches show that aspirin can also cause tinnitus. This risk is particularly high when one consumes aspirin for a long period of time, and at high doses too. Such habits can result in the person hearing continuous sounds of ringing.

All the basic causes of tinnitus have to be properly detected, and then, treated accordingly. Tinnitus can be caused by many reasons and so it is a multi-factorial ailment. However, the conventional remedies do not find out what the causes of the disease might be, and deal only with the symptoms of the problem. Naturally, the relief that they provide are not of a lasting nature. On the contrary, the entire human body is deemed as a single structure under the holistic approaches to treat tinnitus. This approach advises the affected person to change his/her lifestyle, and also recommend certain medicines and other herbal remedies. The holistic methods find out each of the reasons behind the tinnitus problems, and correct the issues. Hence, it is hardly surprising that holistic methods work the best as curative measures for tinnitus.

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Caribbean Food Fusion A Background

By Melissa Walker-Jones

The beauty of the Caribbean is reflected in it's food. Everyone who has ever been to the Caribbean knows and loves the cuisine of the Islands. The history that is built into the world of Caribbean food, offers a combination of flavours, textures and aromas that delight the senses and tickle the palette.

If you are a fan of Caribbean food, then perhaps you are someone who is looking for recipes for dishes first sampled on a trip to one of the islands that you can cook at home. Perhaps you've not yet had a visit to one of the Caribbean islands but have friends or family that have introduced you to this type of cooking and you want to try it out for yourself.

It doesn't really matter where or how, all that matters is that you enjoy the food that you are eating and that through the enjoyment of the authentic dishes you are getting a little slice of Caribbean life to make your world that little bit better.

Why is Caribbean cooking fusion cooking? The original south American indian tribes that inhabited the islands of the Caribbean, the Arawaks, Taino and Caribs cooked using the fruits and vegetables found on the islands. As more people from around the world arrived, the Europeans, who brought enslaved Africans, techniques, flavors and ingredients began to change.

Slave masters gave their slaves the foods they didn't want. The enslaved AFricans had to find new ways to make the inferior food taste good, so tenderizing meats with herbs and spices, slow cooking stews infused with vegetables and fruits all made the food taste better and also stretch. Later Asian indentured laborers brought from China and India added to the culinary mix.

If you are someone who enjoys Caribbean food, then why not try to cook some at home for yourself? What are the techniques you need to use? Well for starters, ensure that the meat, vegetables, herbs and spices you are using are fresh and of the best quality that you can find. Many Caribbean Islanders are within 30 miles of an agriculture producer so their produce is usually very fresh, there are very few Islands that don't have some sort of agriculture or farming community.

The most important aspect of this style of cooking is in the marinades. If you are cooking a meat dish them be sure to season and leave to marinade for at least 2 hours, or preferable overnight in the fridge. This is an important part of Caribbean cooking as it is how the meat is tenderized and the flavors are allowed to soak in, giving the dish greater depth and body.

Cooking meat slowly is another feature of Caribbean food. Remember the islands are a relaxing place. So should the method by which you cook island food. Slow cooking helps meat to develop flavor and tenderness if cooked over a low fire.

I hope this article has given you a little taste of the Caribbean and has even, possibly got you in the mood to try out some Caribbean recipes for yourself. As said before, Caribbean food is really a fusion style of cooking. The inhabitants of the Islands took what was available to them and created dishes that are still with us today.

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