Heartburn or GERD can Kill

Heartburn is a common annoyance. The busy lifestyle, quick meals, fatty or spicy foods all contribute to the occasional need of a chewable pain reliever. The acceptance of heartburn as an inconvenient, but natural, part of the daily grind can blind you to the warning that a severe heartburn symptom can bring.

Heartburn as a Disorder

Heartburn can be a symptom as well as a disorder. Simple heartburn or GERD can be controlled and dealt with. However, heartburn can signal the presence of a much more serious problem. If it’s heartburn, you will have a burning sensation in the chest usually after eating. There may be a spread of the burning to the throat, sometimes accompanied by a bad taste, difficulty in swallowing, belching, coughing, hoarseness and/or wheezing.

It can become worse by lying down or bending over or by eating. Relief can come from an antacid. While the more severe heartburn symptoms may be mistaken for a heart attack, simple heartburn is usually not made worse by exercise. If there is any concern that the pain may signal a heart attack, get help quickly.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Best Stretch Mark Cream: What Is In It?

By Sapphire Rylee

Any merchant can claim that their product is the best stretch mark cream. Of course, we do not necessarily have to take their word for it, though. The growing number of scam products has made it difficult for consumers to find real solutions. There are however, a few points you can consider when you want to find the real best options for stretch marks.


The ingredients of a product should be your main consideration. They are, after all, the heart and soul of a stretch mark solution. Find out the exact and complete ingredients of a product. Make sure you evaluate if any of the components are potentially harmful to you. You should also find out just how the ingredients work to eliminate your skin problem. Read a number of different information sources to make sure that you truly have accurate information.

Professional Front

A good product should have a good front. If you are buying online, you may not always have a physical store front to check. Lets face it. You would never buy from a manufacturer with a poorly constructed site. A website is a reflection of how much a manufacturer chooses to invest in its product. Check for easy navigation, helpful tools and lots of relevant stretch mark information.

Customer Service

Does your stretch mark cream merchant have a customer service? A manufacturer should be more than willing to answer customer questions quickly and accurately. Some websites only give you the impression that you can contact an agent easily and freely. In reality though, some of the contact information may not even exist. Try testing a number or a chat box to see if customer service really exists and if they are courteous and prompt.


If you want to get a-hold of the best stretch mark cream, learn more about its reputation. People who use good products would gladly tell the world about it. You can find lots of customer feedback in forums and independent review sites. Try looking for these first to find out if a product is truly as good as it says it is or is simply trying to pull your leg.

Manufacturer Guarantee

Manufacturers should stand by the quality of their products. The best creams therefore are usually those that have the confident backing of their makers. Signs of complete support can come in the form of seals of excellence or guarantees. A product guarantee is much like a warranty. A dissatisfied customer can always use it to his advantage.


The top indicator of being the best is performance. Of course, you may have to actually try a product first to determine its effectiveness on stretch marks. There is simply no better way for you to make an accurate judgment of a product. Do remember though that you have to use a product correctly and consistently to judge it fairly.

The best stretch mark cream may be right in front of you. Start your search now to better benefit from a good product.

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