Heartburn or GERD can Kill

Heartburn is a common annoyance. The busy lifestyle, quick meals, fatty or spicy foods all contribute to the occasional need of a chewable pain reliever. The acceptance of heartburn as an inconvenient, but natural, part of the daily grind can blind you to the warning that a severe heartburn symptom can bring.

Heartburn as a Disorder

Heartburn can be a symptom as well as a disorder. Simple heartburn or GERD can be controlled and dealt with. However, heartburn can signal the presence of a much more serious problem. If it’s heartburn, you will have a burning sensation in the chest usually after eating. There may be a spread of the burning to the throat, sometimes accompanied by a bad taste, difficulty in swallowing, belching, coughing, hoarseness and/or wheezing.

It can become worse by lying down or bending over or by eating. Relief can come from an antacid. While the more severe heartburn symptoms may be mistaken for a heart attack, simple heartburn is usually not made worse by exercise. If there is any concern that the pain may signal a heart attack, get help quickly.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Is The Secret To Ripped Abs?

By Kathy Forcey

Your abdominals are muscles that generally require a bit of effort to keep lean and attractive. However it's not impossible to get ripped abs quick if you are smart about exercise and diet to achieve that sexy six pack look you want. Think of how great it'll be when you are the object of admiration among your friends.

keep in mind that your focus should be on two major regions of your stomach. One, the upper part and the other is the lower section, so you need to be able to combine exercise that both burns fat and tightens the muscles in both sections. This is the secret to get ripped abs quick.

Initially you will have to warm up the whole body and work through stretching exercises, jogging, sprinting, aerobics, boxing, jumping ropes, climbing stairs, high paced dancing, etc. These all help in burning the calories and fats away. This has to be on a regular, daily basis.

You should train in intervals since doing only very high intensity exercises cannot give you the desired result as fast as you might think because you will stress your body and not be able to keep pace. So try to change up the pace and exercise in short intervals by alternating spurts of activity with brief periods of rest. This will give you a lasting effect as well as help in shedding extra fat overall.

Sit-ups to crunch those abs should start off in sets of 10 reps at a time and gradually build up to about twenty. Rest between every few sets for a minute or two. Don't be tempted to do hundreds of crunches in one go. This won't help you get ripped abs quick, but will just tire you out.

You need to focus on your diet in addition to your exercise routine as it is very important if you are to be successful in your goal to get ripped abs quick. You need to keep your calorie intake to levels that promote weight loss, but once you've achieved that, maintain those levels as well as a good balance of proteins and complex carbohydrates in your food. Some fat will be necessary to maintain a healthy body, so don't avoid that totally. Drink lots of water and for a change in pace, plain green tea is also helpful in burning fat.

You can get ripped abs quick by approaching exercise with an understanding that the whole body needs to be worked out, not just the abs. Once you shed the layer of excess fat surrounding your belly, you will find it easier to carve out that six pack.

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