Heartburn or GERD can Kill

Heartburn is a common annoyance. The busy lifestyle, quick meals, fatty or spicy foods all contribute to the occasional need of a chewable pain reliever. The acceptance of heartburn as an inconvenient, but natural, part of the daily grind can blind you to the warning that a severe heartburn symptom can bring.

Heartburn as a Disorder

Heartburn can be a symptom as well as a disorder. Simple heartburn or GERD can be controlled and dealt with. However, heartburn can signal the presence of a much more serious problem. If it’s heartburn, you will have a burning sensation in the chest usually after eating. There may be a spread of the burning to the throat, sometimes accompanied by a bad taste, difficulty in swallowing, belching, coughing, hoarseness and/or wheezing.

It can become worse by lying down or bending over or by eating. Relief can come from an antacid. While the more severe heartburn symptoms may be mistaken for a heart attack, simple heartburn is usually not made worse by exercise. If there is any concern that the pain may signal a heart attack, get help quickly.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Are The Best Herbs To Cure Infertility? Read HERE To Find Out.

By Lisa Olson

Various herbs are known to have medicinal properties that can cure infertility. Read this article to know them!

Herbs can cure the ever-growing problem of infertility. People interested in alternative kind of treatment should be eager to know the specific herbs for infertility. Before we find that out, let us delve deeper into the subject of herbs to know more about its tradition and usefulness. Unlike the Western healing methods, treatment of ailments by using herbs in the East goes back to many centuries. The practice of prescribing herbs to treat infertility in Chinese tradition can be traced back to 200 A.D. References on the same are found in the Indian Vedas, particularly in Ayurveda and these are more than 5000 years old. Many common herbs are used in the average Indian homes, everyday, that provide excellent results. Garlic, if taken regularly, can keep the cholesterol and high blood pressure away. Clove can reduce gastric irritability in chronic cases as it has an anesthetic quality that helps numb the digestive system. Coriander seeds are known for being diuretic and carminative. Saffron is well-known as 'the king of Indian herbs' and is often used in different menstrual problems.

China has often been the origin of some of the best herbs to cure infertility in women. However, a marked willingness has been seen on the part of United States in accepting these herbal techniques. Members of the tradition medical practices of the US are also found to be wary of recommending herbs as a method of treating infertility problems. However, the herbal remedies and their benefits in treating infertility are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. The same is the case in America as well. It has been medically proven that these herbs of Chinese origin are indeed successful in treating infertility. As such, more and more people are growing aware of the benefits of these herbs. Particularly in women of advanced ages or in those who do not have the necessary balance in hormone flows, or even in those ladies who experience problems in having their periods. Both the female body as well as other mental factors are addressed by these herbal methods of treatment. This is one of the primary causes of success of the latter techniques. Instead of tackling the indications of problems, the patient herself is treated by the herbs. As a result, the body is able to regain its overall balance.

However, herbal therapies have been found to work best when several ingredients are used in a perfect blend instead of a lone herb. It also depends on the freshness and purity of the material that may consist of roots, stems, bark, flowers and fruits of the plant or plants. Herbs that are usually prescribed to treat female infertility include the following:

Black Cohosh Dong Quai Chastetree berry False Unicorn root Licorice Red Cover blossom Wild Yam

However, while searching for the best herbs to cure infertility, one must keep in mind that the herbs contain fairly potent components and may sometimes act adversely if wrongly applied. Besides, they can create problems if used in addition to randomly selected OTC drugs without consulting a naturopath or an herbalist. What is more, some medical conditions described below are not actually ideal for herbal treatment.

Diabetes Cardiac problems Psychiatric complications Past history or organ transplant Past history of stroke Blood clotting problems High blood pressure Thyroid problems

One more vital part in treatment through herbs includes the method of its procurement. Despite the fact that FDA does not control the production of herbs used for medical purposes, the US Pharmacopoeia imposes certain basic standards and criteria in the manufacturing method of herbal products. Only those establishments that produce or market herbal products that meet these standards are allowed to use their seal of approval, which is in the form of "USP Dietary Supplement Verified".

All in all, holistic methods of treatment involve the usage of the best herbs to cure infertility. These approaches try to locate the actual problem-causing factors, unlike the conventional methods of treatment. Nor do the holistic methods have potentially harmful side effects either. Theses techniques suggest the usage of Chinese herbs and medicines, and adopting diet charts, acupuncture techniques and a proper exercise regime. These holistic methods are found to be largely successful in tackling infertility-related problems.

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